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Hinge Door

For many bedroom and closet spaces, hinged wardrobe doors are a better option than sliding doors for a variety of reasons. Any room with wood floors, especially antique wood floors, will benefit from hinged doors because unlike sliding doors, tracks do not need to be affixed to the floor to allow the doors to function. Tracks can cause scratches and other damage to a floor, while hinged wardrobe doors are affixed to a door frame. Hinged doors also allow for access to the entire wardrobe space at once, unlike sliding doors, which will conceal half of the wardrobe space at any given time.

One of the more important benefits of hinged wardrobe doors over sliding doors is the lack of a track. Tracks can damage floors, and they can also be a tripping hazard when someone tries to access an item deep inside the wardrobe. Sliding doors that are installed improperly or are quite old have a tendency to slide off the track or become stuck in a certain position, while hinged doors avoid such problems entirely by employing a simpler design with less hardware and therefore fewer parts that can fail.

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